Friday, February 22, 2008

50 Little Known Facts About Me...

1. My name is Michelle, but only my Dad and telemarketers call me that. I prefer to go by Shelli.
2. I am the oldest of 4 kids; I am currently 35.
3. I am a firecracker…born on the 4th of July!
4. I was born in Indiana and moved to Ohio 2 days before my 12th birthday.
5. I went to a Catholic grade school for 9 years.
6. I wore a uniform for 10 of my 13 years of school.
7. I think there should be a ban on uniforms!
8. I have one sister, Janet
9. I have 2 brothers, Kenny and Denny (no, they are not twins!)
10. I went to a vocational high school and earned a license in Cosmetology.
11. I was voted "Most Likely to Succeed" by my Cosmetology class.
12. I was pregnant at the time.
13. I have been a Hair Designer for 17.5 years. It will be 18 years in June.
14. My oldest son will be 18 in September.
15. I have 5 children.
16. My brother also has 5 children.
17. My parents have 10 grandchildren, so far.
18. They will get no more grandchildren from me!
19. My 2 nephews and one of my nieces are adopted.
20. My sister-in-law is super cool!
21. I started college at the age of 34.
22. I will have my associates’ degree at the age of 36, I think!
23. I am going to be a Social Worker and Chemical Dependency Counselor.
24. My older 3 children’s father is an alcoholic and a drug addict.
25. He rarely calls my kids.
26. I have never been married (I know, bad girl)
27. My kids are 17, 16, 11, 5, and 3.
28. Boy, girl, girl, boy, girl.
29. Dustyn, Valerie, Sophie, Owen, and Ella.
30. I’m afraid my kids will take after their dad.
31. I live in the house I grew up in (since I moved to Ohio)
32. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite movie.
33. Morgan Freeman is my favorite actor.
34. When I read a James Patterson book with Dr. Alex Cross’s character in it, I can hear Morgan Freeman’s voice in my head!
35. I can’t type without looking at the keys.
36. I hate to cook.
37. I wish I liked to cook.
38. I wish I knew how to cook.
39. We eat spaghetti…A LOT!
40. We don’t hang out in our family room.
41. Everyone congregates in my bedroom.
42. My bedroom is the messiest room in the house.
43. I sometimes wake up with a bed full of kids, even the teenagers.
44. My hair is blonde, but I color it black…and red.
45. No one believes my hair is blonde.
46. I spend every weekend in the summer at my daughter’s softball games.
47. My daughter says she likes it that I don’t coach her from the bleachers like other parents do.
48. I have to use SPF 50 sunscreen or I look like a lobster.
49. I love to wear make-up, but I never have time to put it on.
50. Everyone comments on my green eyes.

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