Monday, February 25, 2008

Bank or Matress???

On January 16, 2008, I noticed that there was a $250.00 charge to my bank account that I did not authorize.I immediatly called the bank to see what I needed to do. Since this transaction was "pending", I was told I would have to wait until it "posted" to file any paperwork regarding fraud.

So, I waited.

While I waited, I was charged overdraft fees #1,2&3 @ $34.00 a pop.

On January 18, the $250.00 charge posted to my account...but not until midnight. I called the bank the next morning, which happened to be a Saturday, and asked how I should proceed. I was told that, unfortunatly, I would have to wait until Tuesay to file my fraud report because Monday was a holiday. GRRR....

So, I waited.

Add overdrafts #4,5,6,7&8 @ $34.00 a pop.

I call on Tuesday. The bank manager told me I needed to come into the bank to fill out a paper and they would need a signature to proceed with my fraud claim. He told me I could go to any of this bank's branches. I happened to be driving passed a branch while I was talking to him, so I decided to go to that one. BIG MISTAKE!

I talked to the manager at that branch and explained to her the same thing I had told the other manager. I am convinced that this particular branch manager must be related to someone higher up, 'cause she sure as hell should not be managing a bank!

She had me file a dispute. This was mistake #1 on her part.(I found out later) I should have filled out an affidavid instead. I'm guessing she, as the manager, should have known this! She told me I would have my $250.00 and my overdraft fees refunded in 2-3 business days.

Friday, day 3, no money.

Overdraft #9,10,11,12&13 @ $34.00 a pop.

I called the manager and asked why I had not been refunded yet. She says she isn't sure (imagine that?) and she will check into it and call me back. Oh, and by the way, she asks me if I know my account is overdrawn.

Now, I don't know about anyone else, but have auto bill pay for quite a few things, including my house payment. I can't make them stop. No $#!+ my account is overdrawn! In my business, January is a slow month. I didn't have that much extra money to pull out of my @$$ for the bank to play with!

After 2 weeks,5 phone calls, and 19 total overdrafts I was told I would need to fill out the affidavid (ya think?). I went in and filled it out with a teller so it wouldn't get effed up. I was told I would have the $ refunded in 2-3 business days.

2 days later I was refunded $250.00 and $68.00 in overdraft fees.

$68.00! Are you effin kidding me???

I called the manager 5 more times. She always happened to be "busy" when I called (hmmmm). She would not return my calls. I called the fraud department myself. They finally returned me another $476.00 in overdraft fees and the $8.00 continuous overdraft fee I was charged. After I added it up, I realized they still shorted me $104.00!

My saga started on January 16, 2008...

I was finally refunded the rest of my money today: February 25, 2008.

Who did the final refund, you ask? It was that lovely bank teller!

And that's not all...I cancelled my debit card and ordered a new one so this would not happen again (they never did figure out how it happened in the first place). The bank I use give me 2 point per $ I spend and 25 points per check I write. I can use these to buy things like gas cards and other things. Well, I had about 30,000 or so points saved. When she cancelled my card, she wiped out my points!!!

OOPS! She missed the memo! She was supposed to call "lost or stolen" to cancel a card. And she got this job HOW???

But she got me 5,000 points back...whoopdeedoo...I have an email to customer service on this one.

I'm hiding my money in a matress from now on!

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  1. oh what a nightmare.

    I'm amazed sometimes at the idiots that are given positions of power in companies.

    The mattress may be a good idea. :)