Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Listening Ear...

I am going to school to be an addictions/chemical dependency counselor. I often question whether or not this is going to be my calling. I don't get much...ok at home. I am always reminded that my teenagers have used right under my nose. I think it's different when it's our own kids-we all tend to turn a blind eye.

One assignment I had to complete for my class this quarter was to go to 2 AA or NA meetings, and write a reaction paper. I went to one face to face meeting; which I found to be very enlightning.I stayed after and spoke to one of the guys that runs the YAA meetings that my son attends. I wrote my paper and felt pretty good about my experience. But still, I questioned myself.

Tonight, I decided to take a different approach to a meeting. I looked to see if there were any online meetings. I found one and logged in. I was late; I came in half way throught the meeting. I had a hard time keeping up with the chat...I've never been much for chatrooms. There were a couple of testimonials, and then the meeting ended. After the end of the meeting, people could hang around and chat. There were different rooms to go to, one of them being the "Kitchen". This is the room I choose.

I was making small talk when a man signed on and started talking about being injured by his 16yr old daughter. She had kicked him in the ribs, fracturing them. He needed someone to talk to; normally in this situation, he would drink. We started a conversation. I asked some questions about his daughter and her life. He told me about adopting her when she was 5, and how she had been abused as a baby and toddler. I commended him on adopting an older child-so many people don't want to get involved with the baggage that comes along with them. We discussed different things that could have triggered her outburst. We never came up with a conclusion to her issues, but he thanked me for being there to listen to him.

I helped him, and he helped me. He helped me finally realize that I don't need to have all the answers; sometimes a listening ear is all people need.

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