Sunday, February 3, 2008


Insight from the mind of a 5 year old boy...

Owen- "Mommy, is Jesus inside us all?"
Me- "Yes baby, He's inside us all."
Owen- (Looking puzzled) "Where's He at?"
Me- "He's in our hearts."
Owen- (clutching his chest) "He's right here?!"
Me- "Yes, baby, He's right there."
Owen- (Eyes wide open) "MOMMY!"
Me- "Yes, Owen?"
Owen- (Excited) "I think I can feel Him?!
Me- (Trying not to giggle at the astonished look on his face) "You can?!"
Owen- "YEAH!"
Me- "That's great Owen!"
Owen- (His look of astonishment suddenly turned to worry) "Mommy?"
Me- "Yes, baby?"
Owen- "What's He doing in there?"
Me- (Ok, I admit, I am having a very hard time not falling on the floor laughing because that is the most endearing thing that has ever come out of this child's mouth! I managed to contain my composure and answer him.) "Well, Owen, He is helping you to make good choices and to be a good Christian."
Owen- " That's AWESOME!!"
Me- "Yes, Owen, it certainly is!"

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