Monday, February 18, 2008

What is That Smell???

I take a weightlifting class. I get a college credit for it. So, since I am actually being graded on working out, I show up and work out! (unlike that Curves membership I used for 2 out of the 12 months I paid for!)

I have a work out buddy. We met in the class, but we live in the same school district and our daughter's both play softball, so we have a lot in common. (the teacher for this class happens to be my daughter's softball coach) There are only 2 other women besides us; the rest are guys. They hang in a group and work out together. We ignore them; they ignore us.

But then there's this one guy...

This guy walks around and bothers everyone. Every once in a while he will get on a machine and do a set, but mostly he just runs his mouth. The teacher can't stand him. And for some reason...which I don't even want to know...even though he NEVER breaks a sweat, he smells like a HOG!

And the smell lingers...

I smell him as soon as I walk in the wellness center (I am always fashionably late:)) and I can smell him long after he's gone. Certianly he must smell himself! How could he not? I just don't understand how someone can walk around stinking. Deoderant is not expensive (especially if you are an expert CVS-er like moi!) and neither is soap!

Who knows? Maybe he heard Matthew McConaughey doesn't wear deoderant and he's trying to get in on some of his action:)~

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