Friday, February 29, 2008

When You Gotta Go...

Owen, Owen, Owen...

He learned a very valuable lesson this evening; one that he can use, perhaps, for the rest of his life.

Owen, Sophie, Ella-Belle, and the boyfriend that drives me insane were waiting in the car while Valerie and I went into a tattoo parlor (she was picking out a design and setting up an appointment). We ended up being in there for quite a while, and the 2 little kids were getting restless so Sophie came in to hurry us up. I finally talked Valerie into making up her mind at home and coming back later and we left.

When we got to the car, Owen was sitting in the driver's seat crying.

ME- "What's wrong, Buddy?"
OWEN- "I have to PEE!"
ME- "Oh, great!"

I knew I couldn't take him in the tattoo parlor, and I needed to think fast- he was about to explode!

ME- "Come here, Owen, you are going to pee on the tire!"
ME- "Just pull down your pants a little bit and pee on the tire."
OWEN- "But what if someone sees me?"
ME- "I'll hide you so no one will see you."
OWEN- "O.K."

Owen pulled his jeans down far enough to get his "winkie" out and started spraying the car.

He was GIGGLING so hard that his belly was bouncing up and down making his pee uncontrollable. I think he got it on my shoe.

He finished up, zipped his pants, and jumped in the car. He was so proud of himself that he couldn't wait to tell everyone what he did!

Now, I think I may have to worry that my child is going to randomly pee on car tires.


  1. now that's FUNNY! teach 'em young I say!

  2. Off to a great start! My son likes it so much that he sometimes just goes in the yard and pees in the bushes. I figure the dog does it too, so why not?

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  3. LOL! My brother had a thing for peeing outside on trees for a while. He outgrew it...mostly!

    Happy Saturday! Blog Hoppin'! :-)
    "Margarita Mom"

  4. hahaha. I wouldn't worry so much about the tires, heck they drive through worse, let's just hope peeing on the lamp or whatever else doesn't seem funny. lol

    blog hop hop hopping

  5. That is hilarious! My son used to love peeing on the neighbor's fence...

  6. That is hilarious! Watch out for your tires people!

  7. Now he'll be in business! My 4 year old will pee anywhere and on anything. Sometimes it's quite embarrassig...

    Good luck!