Sunday, February 24, 2008

Why I wish I was Single...

I work an average of 50 hours a week.

I go to school on Monday (my day off) and Wednesday evenings.

This week, I am going to work on Monday before I go to school for 4 hours, so I won't really have my extra day off. So, what am I doing today, Sunday, on my only day off this weeks?


Why wouldn't I be? I mean, I do have 5 kids; 3 of which are perfectly capable of picking up after themselves. I also have one of those new-fangled stay-at-home-dads.

In my opinion, if I work and go to school and pay all the bills, I should not have to wash all the effing laundry and clean the entire effing house on my only effing day off!

And what does he do, you ask? Well, he sure doesn't watch the 2 little kids...they go to pre-school all day. And he hasn't taken out the trash in a MONTH! And he hasn't cleaned up the mess his litter of puppies made in the master bathroom (that we don't use because of this reason. btw, the puppies are loooong gone!).

He does play on my son's Playstation 3. All night long. He goes to bed when I get up with the kids. He sleeps all day. He usually gets up around 3:00 and calls me at work and has the nerve to say,

"What are you doin'?"

'What am I doin'?' What the eff do you think I do at work all day? No, I do not do manual labor; I do hair. What I do is still physical, mental, and sometimes very draining. I cannot chit-chat with you while I'm working. That is rude. I am not being paid top $$ by my clients for them to listen to us argue. 'What am I doin'?' 'What are you doin'?' My house is a friggin' pig-sty. It's like children's services bad (ok, not really, but it's not far from it). Do you think you could clean SOMETHING while you are yourself...with no kids...all day long???

And another thing...

Just because I say I will be done at 8:00 does not mean that you should call me at 8:00 on the nose to check on me. Sometimes, I run behind. And...I still have to clean up my mess.

I'm sorry that you are so insecure in your manhood that you feel the need to call 100 times a day and make sure I am at work. I really don't care if you are lonely all by yourself at home. You want a solution?


It's not like the house will fall apart without you here. In fact, it might be a little cleaner.

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  1. Shaking my d@#$ head at him.

    Hugs and Mocha,