Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Beast is Back!

Softball season has arrived! This weekend kicks off our season with an indoor tournament in Indianapolis. This will be my daughter's 3rd year playing travel softball, and her 7th year playing regular softball.

Sophie has always been a great little player. This isn't just coming from a proud parent! She was that kindergartener that amazed everyone by playing 1st and 3rd base; she never played the outfield.

She is 11 years old, and her goal is to play college softball. I'm all for that!

She just started weight lifting, and she's already benching 80lbs-2 sets of 10. That's more than I can do:( She has been catching full time for that last year. It is amazing how much muscle she has built up in her legs, glutes, and arms. I guess anyone doing about 1000 squats a day would build up those glutes!

She has arms of steal! Last season, she had 25 throw-out at second base. She can hit like a beast, too. Actually, her nickname on her team is "Beast" because she is a beast with her bat. She hit 2 home runs last season, and they were both grand slams! One was infield, and the other one went 35 feet over the fence, for a total of 205 feet. That was such a neet thing to see. Her coach was jumping up and down. He high-fived her as she rounded third base, and her entire team was lined up at home plate to high-five her as she came in. She was beeming, as was I!

But best of all...she is modest. The last game of the season she was awarded a plaque for sportsmanship. She was chosen, by the umpires, from a total of about 80 girls. She doesn't rub it in to the other girls about how good she least I better never catch her! She looks at her mistakes as a learning experience, and tries to grow from them; she never cries during a game.

Her motto? "Why would I cry? It's just a game! I just want to play softball!"

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  1. Aw, I can feel the beaming smile on your face in your (very justified) boasting!

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