Saturday, March 1, 2008

Definition of a Dimwit

n. Slang
A stupid person.

Owen has decided that Ella-Belle is a dimwit.

I think dimwit is one of those words that kids are taught at preschool; at least mine were. Dimwit, and the phrase "Oh baby, sweet momma!"

Even thought I am a pretty laid back type of mom, I don't like my kids to call each other names. Sure, I laughed the first couple of times they said it. What parent wouldn't? The other day I had finally had enough. Ella-Belle isn't the one using the word; Owen always calls her a dimwit. This was our conversation:

Ella-Belle: "Mommy, Owen keeps calling me a dimwit!"
Me: "Owen, it is not nice to call people names. Dimwit is not a nice name, now stop calling her that!"
Owen: "But Mommy! Ella is a dimwit!"
Me: "Owen, she is not a dimwit."
Ella-Belle: "I am not a dimwit, Owen!"
Owen: "Yes she is! You know why she's a dimwit? She's a dimwit cause whenever I turn on that fan thing in your bedroom (ceiling fan) and it goes like this (he moves his hand back and forth) Ella thinks it's going to fall on her head and it's not! That's why she's a dimwit!"
Me: "Owen Wesley, that is still no reason to call your sister a dimwit! Now if I hear you do it again, you are going to stand in the corner."
Owen: "HUMPH!" (stomps off to his room)

Later that night....

I was on the computer doing homework and Ella-Belle was drawing a picture for

Ella-Belle: "Mommy, look at the pretty picture I drew!" (abstract person-animal like figure, brightly colored)
Me: "That's beautiful, Ella-Belle! What is it?"
Ella-Belle: "It's a dimwit."

I give up!


  1. you can't win for losing with kids! that's funny. where's the picture? you should post it and we'll vote on whether it is a dimwit or not. ;)

  2. lol that's hilarious! - lol I can say that because mine is only 10 mos old...she's only mastered things like "bye bye" "mama" "dada" "nana (my best guess for banana)" and "nonono!"

  3. lol Well, no wonder she kept telling her brother she wasn't a dimwit. She had a clear picture of it in her mind.

    My brother and I used to say horrible things to each other. I'm not sure what I'll do when my toddler picks up bad words and nasty names. :)