Sunday, March 30, 2008

From the Mind of Ella Belle

You know how kids have a unique way of expressing what they are trying to say? My kids are no different. Ella-Belle and I had the following conversation this afternoon:

Ella-Belle: "Mommy, my foot hurts, bad!"
Me: "Where's it hurt, Belle?"
Ella-Belle: "It hurts when I try to lift it up."
Me: "Did you step on something?"
Ella-Belle: "Nooo! It's going 'THHHH'."
Me: "It's doing what?!"
Ella-Belle: "My foot, it keeps doing this, 'THHHHH'!"
Me: "OH! Ella-Belle, your foot is asleep!"
Ella-Belle: "Well how do I wake it up???"

Ok, I admit, I am laughing to hard to even try to think of an answer for that! I just gave her a big ole hug and that seemed to cure her affliction:)

(If you are having trouble deciphering 'THHHH', stick your tounge between your teeth and make the 'th' sound in the word 'there'.)


  1. Hahahaha! That's great! I never associated the feeling with a sound before.


    Blog Hoppin'

  2. too cute; I love teh way kids try to communicate some things!