Monday, March 24, 2008

Karma Sutra and Strawberry Body Dust

Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

Let me set the scene for ya...

Easter Sunday at my parent's house. My oldest brother, his wife, and 5 kids are there. My youngest brother is there with his girlfriend. My sister and both my parents are there. I was there with all 5 of my kids. My oldest son has a bedroom at their house where he occasionally sleeps. This room used to belong to my sister. She is 33 and just moved out about 6 months ago, but still has lots of her crap there. He has his TV, Playstation 3, and the rest of his electronic equiptment in there. It looks like a normal teenager's room...clothes on the floor and piled up on the's what else was on the dresser that caught everyone off-guard.

Karma Sutra for Lovers and Strawberry Body Dust.

It was a tiny little book, and a tiny little jar of body dust.

So now the big it my sister's, or my 17 year old son's?

Well, my sister swears it isn't hers.

I am in denial that it actually belongs to my son. I just don't think 17 year old boys are in to that kind of thing;)

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