Wednesday, March 19, 2008

O'Charley's...Yummm!!! Next Time, Leave Ella-Belle at Home!

Who doesn't love O'Charley's? Those warm, soft, buttery rolls...yummm...I could make a meal on just those!
Valerie and I decided to go there for dinner after she was done with her OGT make-up test today. I had picked up Owen and Ella-Belle at pre-school, so they were joining us for dinner. They wanted McDonald's.
I should have listened to them!
The restaurant wasn't very crowded, but the hostess sat us at the round table way, way, way in the back corner. Valerie and I started looking at our menus and Owen started coloring on his. Ella-Belle yelled, loud enough for everyone in the place to hear,
"Mommy, I have to PEE!"
Wonderful. Of coarse we are as far from the restroom as we could possibly be. So I tell Valerie our drink orders, and off to the restroom we go!
Now, Ella-Belle can't just pick a toilet and use it. Ella-Belle has to look in every stall and point out it's flaws. One might still have pee in it, and for some reason, flushing it doesn't matter to her. One will have too much toilet paper, one won't have enough. Sooner or later she will pick a stall, and lock me out of it. She doesn't seem to care about toilet seat germs- and I can't win an argument with her...after all, she is almost 4!
So, she finally peed, and then we argued over whether or not she needed to wash her hands before or after she could get a mint out of the bowl on the sink.
(Why are there mints in a bowl on the sink in the bathroom?)
We made our way back to the table, where our drinks were waiting on us. We decided what we wanted to eat, and then ordered. And then the best part of the meal...
The warm, soft, buttery rolls!
Ella-Belle ate 2 of them, and Owen ate 1 (no comment on me). Our food arrived, and we all dug in. About 5 minutes into our meal, Owen chimed in,
"Mommy, I need to go potty..."
Grrrreatttt! OK, fine. I'm used to eating cold food anyway. All of a sudden, Ella-Belle decides she has to go again, too. I knew she didn't need to go again, so I made her stay at the table and eat, because the only thing worse than taking her to the bathroom, is taking her and Owen to the bathroom together.
Owen did his business without incident, other than he crawled out from under the bathroom door. I told him to get back in there and unlock the door, and he just giggled and push the door open and said,
"Ha, Ha! I tricked-ed you!"
We made our way back to the table, again. Ella-Belle is mad. I told her to eat her food and stop whining. So what does she do? She does what any normal child would do...
She peed on the chair!
And then, she laughed about it.
So how glad am I that we are sitting in the corner, away from everyone else??? We hurried up and got boxes for our food and high-tailed it outta there (I did clean the chair). I took her home, threw her in the bathtub (not literally) and told her she had to go to bed. That was at 7:00, it's now 10:30 and she's laying in my bed watching TV. I think I need to be more assertive:)

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