Monday, April 7, 2008

You're going to be a what???

This is the start of week 2 for my classes. I am studying to be a Social Worker. Right now we are talking about how to form a hypothesis about a person's situation from information we gather from different sources. I plan to go into the Chemical Dependency/Addictions field. I'm not sure exactly what aspect of the field I want to persue, but I know I have a passion for the field of Addictions.

I have meet some fascinating people in my year of college. There are quite a few that I have had numerous classes with. Most of us are not right out of high school, which makes it easier for us to relate to eachother, as most of us are juggling jobs and children along with college.

After a while, you get to know who is going to be a good Social Worker and who needs to look for another field of interest. It has only taken me until week 2 to pick out a classmate that needs to make another career choice.

This girl comes to class every day with jeans on. Now, the jeans are not the problem, it's the way she wears them that is the problem. No, her butt crack is not hanging out and her thong is not showing. This girl takes one leg of her jeans and rolls it all the way up to her knee-and doesn't roll the other one. She leaves the other leg uncuffed and to her ankle. Does she seriously think that is cute? She also has 2 facial piercings: eyebrow and side of her lip. I do not have a problem with piercings; I have my eyebrow done. But if you are going to wear a stud in your eyebrow, the post is not supposed to show, just the balls on either end. This girl obviously has a belly button ring stuck in her eyebrow. I don't know how she even opens her eye! Then there is her make-up. GOLD shimmery eyeshadow and GOLD shimmery lipstick. Ok, it's not really gold, it's more like a mix between silver and gold. Let's just say it's not attractive with her pastey white skin. And finally, there is the way she talks. I know the clothing and the make-up can be changed, but her articulation is deplorable! We are in college...we are not hanging out in the ghetto. And why would anyone who was studying to be a Social Worker sit in class and talk about how she's going to hunt down some girls and beat their asses because she knows that the guy she has been messing with for 7 and a half months is messing around with them too. Are you freakin' kidding me?!? Another girl in the class asked he why she would take it out on these other girls that her man was messing around on her, and she said that they should just know better than to mess with her man. HELLOOOO!!! Reality check are going to get a disease from him-if you don't already have one!

And this girl wants to be a Social WOrker? I'm hypothesising that this girl probably has a Social Worker.

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  1. I have had my share of experiences with Social Workers (hoo-rah Medicaid!), there are good ones, OK ones, and bad ones. Though she maybe a little unconventional (to say the least from your description), this girl may end up being a wonderful Social Worker. Having had her own experiences with Social Services, she will be able to draw on her personal experiences to do a better job. Hopefully she'll grow out of her imaturity.