Wednesday, May 7, 2008

To Kill A...

Pie Bird

I took Valerie to a couple's house to look at some Burberry purses tonight. They were an older couple from England. Their house was immaculate. They had thousands of neatly organized knick-knacks. One wall had built-in shelves. The bottom shelf was covered with penguins.

At least I thought they were penguins...

As I was writing the check for Valerie's purchase, I heard a crash.

As Valerie was flinging her sweatshirt on, she knocked 2 of the "penguins" off the shelf. One managed to hit the floor and roll, but the other was not so lucky. He suffered a broken beak, and his feet fell off. Valerie was mortified...I was mortified...Josh laughed at us with his face in his hands. Valerie picked up the pieces and handed them to the man, apologizing profusely. Then the man told us about the "penguin".

It was a Pie Bird. A Pie Bird is an English tool used to let the steem out of a pie instead of cutting holes in the crust.

We apologized some more, and he assured us not to worry. When we got to the car, Josh scolded Valerie for not being more careful. Valerie said she felt bad, but since he had about 100 of them, she didn't think he'd miss that one...

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  1. Never heard of a pie-bird before!

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