Saturday, June 7, 2008


I have a love/hate relationship.

It's been going on for as long as I can remember.

I LOVE shoes...I HATE my feet...

I have large feet...I wear a size 10 shoe. My feet are kind of on the wide side, and I think I'm getting bunions (thanks, Mom!). I don't have much of an arch either, so I have to have some support in my shoes since I do hair and I stand all day.

Sandal season is here...this time of year sucks for me and my big, ugly feet. I can't do flat shoes, so all of those cute little flip-flops are out of the question. And this season, it seems that the Wedge has made a come back. Can you say, "Not for Shelli!" Have you seen how narrow those shoes are? My feet ooze out over the sides. Not to mention that I would probably fall and break my ankle in them anyway...That pretty much leaves me with old lady-looking shoes. Comfortable shoes. I dont want comfortable shoes...I want cute shoes!!!

Winter also poses a problem for me. I love to wear boots. My dream is to have a cute pair of hi-heel boots that come damn near up to my knee. Want to know why that will never happen? That will never happen because those boots are only made for women with calves the size of Nicole Ritchie's. My calves...they are more the size of Nicole Ritchie's torso. Who the hell makes these boots? And who do they make them for? I'm sure I'm not the only calf-challenged woman that wants some hot boots!

I own sooooo many pairs of shoes. They look so cute in the box. They have such inviting names. The shoes call out to me, so I buy them. Then, I get them home...try them on...and I cry...then I throw them in my closet...

But, no matter what...I will not resort to wearing the monstrosity known as Crocs!!!


  1. I feel ya on the crocks! Why are they still around???

  2. Hahah! Thanks for making me the spokesperson for Croc Haters! I know I stumbled upon this post a little late...