Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Cherry Has Been Popped!

I am an addict.

A Twitter addict.

I started by following Jenny and Emily, then added Jim and Shannon (better known by their alter egos: BusyDad and Mr. Lady).

I had all these Twitter updates going to my Blackberry, but it got to the point that my phone was making so much noise at work I had to turn the update off during the day.

Now, I have my new laptop, so I can Twitter from home and work:)

This post is to recognize my very first blog follower. She is a fellow Twitter addict and blogger that I am following and enjoying reading! So this post is for you Stesha!

Thanks for popping my cherry!!!

The Joys of Having an "Adult" Male Child

And I do use the term "adult" loosely. Not only can he not throw his trash away properly, he also "borrows" my camera without telling me.

Dustyn: "What are you doing?"

Me: "Importing all these pictures off the camera onto my new laptop."

Dustyn: "Oh my God! Give me the camera. NOW!"

Me: "I can't just stop what I'm doing, Dustyn."

Dustyn: "Seriously, you need to give me the camera."

Me: "Why do I need to give you the camera?"

Dustyn: "I took some pictures that I don't want you to see."

Me: "Pictures of what?"

Dustyn: "Do you really want to know?"

Me: "Umm, no. Here's the camera."

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hair Tip Tuesday!

Pink...It's the new black!

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Sea of Love...

I have kissed my share of frogs trying to find my Prince Charming. I had 2 very long term relationships with men that were verbally, mentally, and physically abusive. In the 17 years that those 2 relationships totalled, I was blessed with my most prized posessions---5 of the most beautiful children I could ever ask for! Even though I made the conscience decision to bear these 5 children, most of which were unplanned, I knew I did not want to spend the rest of my life with either of these 2 men. No matter how good things would become in either relationship, and no matter how much either of them would beg, I refused to get married. I know this sounds ridiculous coming from someone who has 5 kids out of wedlock, but I believe that the vow of marriage is serious, and it is something I want to do one time, and one time ONLY!

Now, I have always been a huge fan of internet dating websites. My favorite is This site is my favorite because it’s FREE!!! I think, for me, the draw to internet sites is that I can just chat with people if that’s all I choose to do. I can usually get them to tell me enough information (last name and city of residence) so that I can do a court record search on them. But even after they pass the record check and we have hours of interesting conversation, most still turn out to be fruitcakes---with extra nuts! Like the guy who swore he was 5’6”, but I’m only 5’4” and I could see over the top of his head…oh yea, and he didn’t have any teeth but he forgot to mention that! Or the guy who I meet at a public park for 2 hours. He blew up my instant messenger (which directed to my Blackberry) for the next week. He told me that I “completed him” and that he could not imagine his life with out me. Can you say, “BLOCK???” I looked at it this way---at least it gave me something to laugh about!

At the beginning of April I got a response to my personal add. I was actually caught offguard by this email. This particular man was very handsome and well educated. His profile was very sincere and not a blatent sexual inuendo like a lot of the profiles tended to be. He didn’t gloat about what he possessed, only told a little about himself. We exchanged emails and started chatting soon after. We chatted for hours at a time every evening when the kids had gone to bed. We had so much in common! We were bonding over Pop-Tarts and coupons! We started texting each other soon after. I would see a “Good Morning!” text from him every single morning. I felt as though he were becoming my best friend; I told him everything. At the end of June, he FINALLY asked if I would like to go out on a date. Would I? Seriously? I thought you were never going to ask!

On July 6, I pulled up next to his car at the Xenia Wal-Mart. I caught a glimpse of him from the side and my heart skipped a beat. I thought to myself, “He is never going to want to be with me.” He looked up at me with his beautiful smile and sparkling eyes and I thought I would pass out right there in my car! We went to Applebee’s for lunch. The waitress came to the table 4 times and asked if we were ready to order before we even opened our menus! He kept complimenting me on how nice I looked, and I was worried that I was drooling :) After our meal, he asked if I would like to go to a nearby park to sit and talk. Hell yes I did! I didn’t want this date to end! We sat at a picnic table, facing each other, and talked for hours. I saw his fingers inching closer to mine, and he finally asked if he could hold my hand. We held hands and talked and he FINALLY asked if he could kiss me. How wonderful to be on a date with a true gentleman! His lips were so soft and warm against mine…

It was when we said our “Good bye’s” at the car at the end of the date that we decided that we were going to hide out online profiles and invest our time on each other. This has been the happiest 6 months of my life! (9 if you count our chat time) Even though we don’t get to spend much time together because of the 50 miles that separate us, we make the most of the time we do have. We love to spend time with our kids, who have become buddies and playmates. He is the most wonderful father I have ever met! I have always said that I was not a warm and snuggly person, but with him, one hug is never enough.

He is the first man I can actually envision spending the rest of my life with. He is my Prince Charming!

Has it Really Been 6 Whole Months???

I have not posted a blog for 6 months! 6 months to. the. day. So much has happened in those 6 months, I don't even know where to begin! Well, I have a new laptop and I am ready to play on it, so what better way that to blog, blog, blog!!!