Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ella-Belle Shares the Love...NOT

Ella-Belle is the youngest of my 5 offspring. She doesn’t have much in common with her sisters, Sophie and Valerie, because of the 8 and 12 year age differences. She has even less in common with her brother, Dustyn because of the 14 year age difference, and the fact that he’s a boy (wanna be man) who would rather die than let someone know he actually plays with his 4 year old little sister!

So that leaves Owen. Owen is 6. He and Ella-Belle are best friends, and worst enemies.

The problem with Ella-Belle is that Ella-Belle lives in Ella-Belle’s world. She likes to stay up late every night, and sleep in until 10:00am every morning. Too bad we have to leave the house by 6:50 every weekday morning! She insists on getting dressed while under the covers. That’s fun. NOT. And she only has 3 conversation topics:


Ella-Belle expects everyone in the house to admire her waste products before she will flush the toilet. Owen has become her personal “Pooparazi” with the new camera he got for Christmas. We can’t go anywhere without her announcing to everyone that she farted. And the nipple conversations are blush-inducing! She tipped over her chair one day while we were eating at Bob Evans. The diner sitting behind us asked if she was alright. I assured her that she was fine, and Ella-Belle said, “I hurt my nipple!” The diner started to giggle. I told Ella-Belle to be quiet and she said, “But I hurt my nipple! Want to see?” and she proceeded to yank her shirt up. I just shook my head.

But Ella-Belle loves to share! Just this week she has been sharing with Owen and Dustyn. What has she been sharing? STREP THROAT!

She’s such a sweet little sister!


  1. Wow, cute baby. I so love her pretty grey eyes. :) But, she's really, really different from her age group. I just remember how my godchild talked about my breast pasties one day, as if she wants to use one with tassels. That's just really funny!