Saturday, February 28, 2009

Randomness From Owen and Ella-Belle

Having a 6 and a 4 year old, there is never a dull moment in my life. The two of them say some of the funniest, most random things. Below are some random quotes and mini-sagas from the minds of Owen and Ella-Belle:

Ella-Belle: "Mommy! My knee arm-pit itches really bad! I need a flea collar!"
(She has eczema on the backs of her knees, and we do not have fleas)

Owen: "Mommy...Can Superman hear his what his friends are talking about like if they are at their houses and he is at his house?"
(He is getting tubes in his ears and the ENT said he would have Superman hearing afterwards)

Ella-Belle: "Owen what did you wish for? I wished to never pee to bed again."
Owen: "I wished that we should listen to Mommy."
(They made a wish on a helium balloon they let float away)

Ella-Belle: "Mommy, I'm taking my panties off before I go to sleep because I don't want to get pee in my panties if I pee to bed."
(She fully intended on sleeping naked in MY BED and peeing on me)

Ella-Belle: "Mommy! Valerie wouldn't let me in the bathroom, so I had to pee on the puppy's potty pad!"
(Yes, the child has bladder control issues!)

Ella-Belle: "When I play t-ball, I'm going to hit the ball, then I'm going to wiggle my butt, then I'm going to run!"
(She is constantly dancing)

Owen: "If they don't let me eat the candy or keep the money, I'm not selling it!"
(He did not get the point of the candy bar fundraiser for t-ball)

Owen: "Mommy, what does break up mean? Cause Daddy's girlfriend did it to him."
(Gee, I can't imagine why)

Ella-Belle: "I don't like going to Mamaw and Papaws cause they don't let me eat whenever I want.
Owen: "That's because that's the rules Ella! Everyone has to follow the rules Ella!"
(Learning rules is a big thing in Kindergarten)

Ella-Belle: "Mommy, unlock my window cause I need to tell Tim something!"
(She wanted to stick her head out the window and yell to him in the car behind us. We called him instead)

Ella-Belle: "Kiss my mommy through the phone!"
(She was talking to my boyfriend, Tim, as he was driving behind us)

Ella-Belle: "Janet, I don't like your boyfriend, he doesn't have any hair!"
(She said this the first time she met my sister's boyfriend-now-husband)

Owen: "I hate when Papaw picks me up from latchkey cause he always stinks cause he farts all the time."

And to finish off this post, I thought I would bless everyone with Owen's photographic expertise. I'm only putting one pic from his latest photo shoot on here, I think everyone will is quite enough! I found 10 different angles of this picture on my camera. Now you know why we refer to Owen as the "Pooparazi."


  1. haha! such hilarious children! and what a wonderful photographer..

  2. Oh how funny. (I'm below you on SITS tonight) I won't even comment on how close that picture looks to my feet right about now...

    I love the kid quotes. They're always so precious to see where their little minds are going. You've got some entertaining little ones! Glad you captured the moments.

  3. Funny! Although I think my day may have been better had I not seen the poopy shot. I'm just sayin!

  4. Oh my gosh, this is maybe the best blog post i've read this month. Love it. And LOVE that you actually published that picture. I was hesitating whether to post dog poop on mine this week, but you've given me the courage to go for it! I actually just stopped by to introduce myself as a brand new SITSa and invite you over to “Two Under Two. Whew!” for my super-fun-and-little-bit-silly giveaways, one of which is tied to our fellow SITSa, BlogBaby! You could win a collection from Tiny Two’s Baby Animals line, or some chocolate covered pretzels! See you around the blogosphere friend!

  5. I think I may just have thrown up in my mouth a little. Once I manage to recover, I will be able to tell you that prior to the photo, I really was laughing my ass off.

    Just think of what mileage you'll be able to get with this series of photos and Owen as he gets older! Don't delete!


  6. LOL I can imagine that photo series on the walls of an art gallery at some swanky art show selling for thousands a poop..I mean pop! ;)