Saturday, February 7, 2009

Sensational Owen con't...Let Him Have Ketchup!!!

So, I was pretty sure the pre-school administrator didn't believe that Owen had an intolerance to tomato based sauces, but I had a note from Owen's Dr. Awesome that said otherwise. She assured me that she would give the note to the cook, and together they would decide on a meal plan for Owen.

Seriously? Miss Rhonda has had his "meal plan" under control all by herself for months now. Whatever woman, go strut into that kitchen in your spiked heeled shoes and obviously home dyed blonde hair and make yourself feel authoritative and tell Miss Rhonda how to make a freakin' hot dog. Knock yourself out.

I talked to Miss Rhonda the next day, and she said the administrator tried to tell her how they would feed Owen from now on. She told Miss Rhonda to just rinse the sauce off of the food and feed it to him that way. Miss Rhonda said she thought it would be a better idea to keep his food separated and just not put the sauce on it, after all she said, "Would you want to eat food that's had sauce rinsed off it?"

Miss Rhonda came to Owen's rescue at lunch time again, and my mind was at ease. Owen was scheduled for his first appointment with a counselor. I had been doing some research online, and talking to my professor at school, and I had come to the conclusion that if Owen didn't get some help, he was not going to be able to function in a Kindergarten setting. From my research, I was convinced that Owen had Sensory Integration Disorder, or Sensory Processing Disorder.

The realization of this was bittersweet. I finally found a name for something that encompassed every quirk Owen had. Yet, the tears rolled down my cheeks as I read they symptom checklist. My poor baby...why did this have to happen to you? The following are 57 of the Sensory issues Owen faces every day:

1) becomes fearful, anxious or aggressive with light or unexpected touch
2) appears fearful of, or avoids standing in close proximity to other people or peers (especially in lines)
3) complains about having hair brushed; may be very picky about using a particular brush
4) dislikes kisses, will "wipe off" place where kissed
5) prefers hugs
6) a raindrop, water from the shower, or wind blowing on the skin may feel like torture and produce adverse and avoidance reactions
7) may overreact to minor cuts, scrapes, and or bug bites
8) avoids/dislikes/aversive to "messy play", i.e., sand, mud, water, glue, glitter, playdoh, slime, shaving cream/funny foam etc.
9) will be distressed by dirty hands and want to wipe or wash them frequently
10) excessively ticklish
11) distressed by seams in socks and may refuse to wear them
12) may want to wear long sleeve shirts and long pants year round to avoid having skin exposed
13) distressed about having face washed
14) distressed about having hair, toenails, or fingernails cut
15) is a picky eater, only eating certain tastes and textures; mixed textures tend to be avoided as well as hot or cold foods; resists trying new foods
16) may be self-abusive; pinching, biting, or banging his own head
17) has a preference and craving for excessively spicy, sweet, sour, or salty foods
18) may physically cling to an adult they trust
19) loves to be tightly wrapped in many or weighted blankets, especially at bedtime
20) enjoys bear hugs21) distracted by sounds not normally noticed by others; i.e., humming of lights or refrigerators, fans, heaters, or clocks ticking
22) bothered/distracted by background environmental sounds; i.e., lawn mowing or outside construction
23) frequently asks people to be quiet; i.e., stop making noise, talking, or singing
24) runs away, cries, and/or covers ears with loud or unexpected sounds
25) picky eater, often with extreme food preferences; i.e., limited repertoire of foods, picky about brands, resistive to trying new foods or restaurants, and may not eat at other people's houses)
26) can never get enough condiments or seasonings on his/her food
27) loves vibrating toothbrushes and even trips to the dentist
28) prefers foods with intense flavor; i.e., excessively spicy, sweet, sour, or salty
29) reacts negatively to, or dislikes smells which do not usually bother, or get noticed, by other people
30) tells other people (or talks about) how bad or funny they smell
31) refuses to eat certain foods because of their smell
32) offended and/or nauseated by bathroom odors or personal hygiene smells
33) may refuse to play at someones house because of the way it smells
34) decides whether he/she likes someone or some place by the way it smells
35) has a hard time seeing the "big picture"; i.e., focuses on the details or patterns within the picture
36) has difficulty locating items among other items; i.e., papers on a desk, clothes in a drawer, items on a grocery shelf, or toys in a bin/toy box
37) often loses place when copying from a book or the chalkboard
38) bothered by loud, sudden, metallic, or high-pitched sounds
39) looks at others to/for reassurance before answering
40) if not understood, has difficulty re-phrasing; may get frustrated, angry, and give up
41) difficulty getting along with peers
42) prefers playing by self with objects or toys rather than with people
43) does not interact reciprocally with peers or adults; hard to have a "meaningful" two-way conversation
44) self-abusive or abusive to others
45) others have a hard time interpreting child's cues, needs, or emotions
46) does not seek out connections with familiar people
47) difficulty accepting changes in routine (to the point of tantrums)
48) gets easily frustrated
49) often impulsive
50) functions best in small group or individually
51) variable and quickly changing moods; prone to outbursts and tantrums
52) prefers to play on the outside, away from groups, or just be an observer
53) participates in repetitive play for hours; i.e., lining up toys cars, blocks, watching one movie over and over etc.
54) severe/several mood swings throughout the day (angry to happy in short periods of time, perhaps without visible cause)
55) unpredictable state of arousal or inability to control arousal level (hyper to lethargic, quickly, vacillating between the two; over stimulated to under stimulated, within hours or days, depending on activity and setting, etc.)
56) unable to regulate hunger; eats all the time, won't eat at all, unable to feel full/hungry
57) unable to regulate appetite; has little to no appetite and/or will be "starving" one minute then full two bites later, then back to hungry again (prone to eating disorders and/or failure to thrive)

Some of these are more severe than others, some seem to come and go...there is no rhyme or reason to it. All I know is that I have this beautiful little boy who has to fight these demons every day. He can't give me a kiss...and he has no idea why...

To be continued...Ketchup will STILL be an issue!


  1. You should have tripped her in those heels.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  2. She actually suggested rinsing the sauce off the food?! That's the craziest thing I've ever heard...ugh!!