Monday, March 23, 2009

Opinions Are Like @$$H0L35...We All Have One!

So I have insomnia...and I was catching up on my bloggy reading at 3:00 am when I ran across this awesome post on Polka Dots & Pansies. It's some random, but In-Your-Face questions that really made me think. It was interesting to read some of the other bloggers that answered these questions too, like love Maegan and Because Katie Says So and Penny's Thoughts. And just like they did, I will add the following public service announcement:


Feel free to grab the questions and answer them yourself...I love to share!

Would you do crystal meth if it were legalized?
Well, let’s see…do I want to age 10x faster that normal? Do I want my teeth to rot out of my head? Do I want to have oozing sores all over my body?

Naaawwww, I think I’ll skip the crystal meth!

Abortion, for or against?
I would never; couldn’t live with myself if I did.

I am DEFINATLY against 3rd trimester abortion for any reason. Saying that the mother’s life is in danger sounds like bullshit when 24 week gestation babies are surviving with advanced technology. As far as the baby being at risk…like vacuuming their brains out isn’t harmful?!?!?! Even if the babies have medical issues, there are people out there that would LOVE to adopt them if their biological parents don’t want them.

As far as abortion in general is concerned, I do not think it should be used as a form of birth control. Every woman is responsible for her own body. Abortion is a decision that will stay with a woman for the rest of her life. It is not a decision that should be made with out serious thought and counseling. In cases of rape and sexual molestation, where it is out of the female’s control, my view differs somewhat, but it is still something they need to think about seriously before making any decisions.

So, I would guess that makes me against? But I did agree with the mother of that poor 9 year old girl in Brazil who was raped by her step-father and pregnant with twins…I would have made the same decision if she were my daughter. So, I guess that makes me a hypocrite?

Would the country fall if there was a woman president?

Do you believe in the death penalty?
Leviticus 24:19-21
19 "If a man injures his neighbor, just as he has done, so it shall be done to him: 20 fracture for fracture, eye for eye, tooth for tooth; just as he has injured a man, so it shall be inflicted on him. 21 "Thus the one who kills an animal shall make it good, but the one who kills a man shall be put to death.

Matthew 5:39
Turn the other cheek.

Ok, so I paraphrased Matthew. No, I do not believe in the death penalty. Housing the same inmates in death row like conditions ie. no physical contact with family, solitary confinement, etc. would probably cost less than the appeals process that goes on for those on death row that wait 20 years before ever being executed. What makes the people flipping the switch or starting the IV any better than the murderer themselves? And while we’re on the subject of starting the IV…why do they wipe the inmate’s arm off with alcohol before they start the IV to administrate the sodium pentothal? Is infection really an issue at this point in time??

Do you wish marijuana would be legalized already?
I have my CDCA (Chemical Dependency Counseling Assistant). I laugh my ass off at people who preach that marijuana is safe. Have you ever noticed that people who smoke pot on a regular basis are usually immature? A person stops maturing when they stop using drugs. For instance: my oldest 3 children’s father started smoking pot when he was 15. He is 47 now. He stopped smoking pot 2 years ago. He has the same level of maturity as my 18 year old son. People who are regular users also display a lot of the same characteristics as those with bi-polar disorder. It messes with blood pressure, memory, lowers testosterone and gives guys moobs! I could go on and on!

Just say NO! to drugs! (but D.A.R.E. is a proven waste of $$)

Do you believe in God?
Most Definitely! I was raised Catholic, but when I was old enough to go out on my own, I started venturing out in search of something else. I am much happier in the Non-Denominational Christian church.

Do you think same sex marriage should be legalized?
Again, most definitely! As long as two people are in love and they aren’t related…who are we to judge?

Do you think it's wrong so many Hispanics are moving to the USA?
Hell no! We all came from somewhere to here, unless you are a Native American. They are the ONLY people who can claim the Unites States as their own!

A 12 year old girl has a baby...should she keep it?
I have a 12 year old daughter. She is a really good kid in general; I’m very lucky. BUT…she is a horrible babysitter and she never feeds HER dog. There is no way in hell she could take care of a baby, nor would she want to. If a 12 year old is having sex, and its not because she was taken advantage of, then there are other issues that need to be addressed with this child. There is probably no supervision at home. This could be due to parents who work all the time, or parents who just let their kids run wild. In either scenario, adding a baby to the mix would be disastrous. I would definitely say this child and her family would need to be involved with a social worker and counselor so an informed decision could be made.

So, my answer would be no, she should not keep it herself, and it’s questionable if her parents should raise the child either.

Should the alcohol drinking age be lowered to 18?
Can I get a HELL NO!?!?!?!? Like I said…I have my CDCA!
Should the war in Iraq be called off?
I know why we went there, but do we know why we’re still there? Yes, it’s time for everyone to come home to their families so they can start to heal.

Assisted suicide is you agree?
Is it legal? I think it should be legal. We just discussed this in my Psychology class. Why is it inhumane to let animals suffer, but not people? Why is it ok for a man to have his wife’s feeding tube taken out so she starves to death, but it’s not ok to push a little too much morphine to a terminally ill person so they drift off into eternal sleep a little bit easier? I know I don’t want to suffer, and I don’t want my family to watch me suffer.

Do you believe in spanking your children?
I got my ass beat when I was a kid, and I was still a brat. I spanked my oldest 2, and they don’t listen to me. I never spank the youngest 3...they actually listen to me (sometimes).

Would you burn the American flag for a million dollars?
Duh! I think I’m allowed and it wouldn’t be unpatriotic…I was born on the 4th of July!

A mother is declared innocent after murdering her 5 children in a temporary insanity case...what do you think?
What kind of insanity? Postpartum Psychosis? That is the only temporary form of insanity I could imagine. There are serious mental illnesses that could facilitate someone doing this, but I can’t imagine it would be temporary. I think she should be sentenced to a psychiatric hospital for the rest of her life, where I’m sure, if she regains lucidity, she will hate herself for what she did and find it hard to live with herself. That punishment would be more severe than any the law could hand down.


  1. Interesting... I enjoy reading opinions like these, although my first inclination is to debate them. I'd say I agree with on *most*. ;)

  2. Your title of this post is something my Dad always says. I do love you are able to express yourself and answer such personal questions.

  3. Great entry Shell... still think you should be a writer. Still think your science fair project should've won too, but that's just between you and me.

  4. Great post Shelli. Still think you should be a writer. I like reading your blog better than facebook! Good, open, honest.