Monday, March 23, 2009

Someone From Blackberry...I Need Something To Hold My Balls!

I am uber-cool. I have a Crack Blackberry. I have had said Crack Blackberry for over a year…the longest I have ever owned a single phone! I love this thing…not THIS kind of love…ewwie!!! The kind of love where it is never more than 12 inches from me at all times. It is my lifeline to my kids, my clients, and my superhotandsexy Mr. Wonderful. I’m pretty sure that one day I will have to have it surgically removed from the palm of my hand. I start to panic if I set it down for too long; my heart races, I get all flustered and I start to sweat.

My poor Crack Blackberry is kinda dirty. Cruddy, actually. The keys are all gunked with sand from the summer of Sophie’s softball tournaments, and nail dust from being 2 inches from me while I work. The cool little roller bally thingy was starting to stick, so I decided to clean it. I figured it was just like when a computer mouse needs to be cleaned.


There is a little ring that holds the roller bally thingy in place. I took this off to take out the little roller bally thingy. Easy enough…till I went to put it back together and noticed that the little ring that holds the little roller bally thingy in had clips on it.

Plastic clips.

Which I broke.

Actually, there were 4 clips; I only broke 3. So now the ring that is supposed to hold the little roller bally thingy in is flopping all over the place. Oh. Shit.

So I get on Crack Blackberry’s website and search for roller bally thingy replace roller ball replace. This is what I got:

You searched for: roller ball replace.
Did you mean: rollerball replace

Oh, sorry, my bad! So I click on roller ball replace, and I get this:

You searched for: rollerball replace.
Your search - rollerball replace - did not match any documents. No pages were found containing "rollerball replace".
Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
Try different keywords.
Try more general keywords.
If you are looking for answers to your technical questions, please visit the BlackBerry Technical Solution Center.

Seriously? Did Crack Blackberry’s website just send me on a wild goose chase of sorts for something they knew they didn’t carry? Well doesn’t this look like a useless great thing to blog about!? I have had 0 hours of sleep since I woke up on SUNDAY and I am starting to get a wee bit slap-happy, so the screen is starting to go blurry and I keep getting interrupted by text messages and oh great I forgot what I was talking about……


  1. Hope you get your balls in order.

  2. LMAO I want to see the conversation when you tell Blackberry that your balls are loose :p