Monday, March 16, 2009

Was It The Feng Shui? Was It Good Karma? Or Was It The Awesomeness Of The Girls We Call “The Philly’s”?

This weekend was the opening tournament for Sophie’s softball season. She is playing with the majority of the same girls as last year; we’ve lost 4 and gained 3...then lost 2 of them and gained 2 more. We seem to have a pretty solid team that interact well, on and off the field.

We trekked 140 miles to Indianapolis, Indiana to compete in this first show of skill. This is Sophie’s 4th year in a row for this tournament. (for those of you who were wondering, yes, it is an indoor complex) Even though the majority of the team has played in this tournament before, for some reason, they were all nervous.

I don’t think it is possible for the girls on the team to have been as nervous as their adoring mothers!

Their first game was Friday night @ 9:40pm. The teams tied 3-3. Sophie "The Beast" knocked in the very first RBI of the season! Admittedly, our team had a bad fielding error that cost the girls 2 runs. The next game was Saturday afternoon @ 12:50pm. We lost; I seem to have blocked that score from my memory. That was their pool play. There were 16 teams-4 pools. Sophie’s team came in 2nd in their pool. On to the 1st elimination game Sunday @ 1:40 A.M. (Yes, you did read that right, it says A.M.)

The girls won their butt crack of dawn game 4-2 in an International Tie Breaker. Sophie hit a double which knocked in the winning runs. You. Go. Sophie. The girls were tired, but psyched. We all went back to the hotel for some much needed sleep. Our next game was Sunday @ 2:40pm.

Now is when the title of the post will start to make sense.

While running the halls of the hotel resting in the lobby of the hotel for their next game, the girls all decided that the reason they lost the one game was because Valerie and her friend had stayed at the hotel and didn’t come to the complex. (They also found out that the 3 runs that were scored in the game that they tied were scored when Valerie and Chelsea went to the bathroom) Valerie and Chelsea were their good luck charms. As a parent, I want Sophie to always play her best, but I did not pay to come all they way to INDY to go home a LOSER! This is where the Feng Shui and the Karma come in.

The other moms and I arranged our seats the way we had during the winning game. No one was allowed to leave the field for any reason, especially Valerie and Chelsea. The game was intense! Another International Tie Breaker, another win for “The Philly’s” 6-3.

We were going to the semi-finals! Game time was 5:00pm. We had to re-arrange our chairs again since other parents had moved into out spots. The little sister of one of the players had been sitting on the floor in front of us during the previous game; we made her come back and sit there again. She said it was making her legs fall asleep. We told her to suck it up for the team. The poor kids was afraid to move; every time she did, her sister would bobble the ball and the other team get a player on base. It was all worth it in the end; the girls won that game 6-0.

The championship game was to start immediately. Our coach asked the officials how much time he was going to have for the team to go to the restroom and to warm up the pitcher. He was told the game would start in 5 minutes. No time to pee. No time to warm up the pitcher. One. Pissed. Off. Coach.

Now, I know our girls are not perfect, but they do have manners. The opposing team, however, did not. We shared a hotel with these little pumpkins all weekend.(I call them pumpkins because of their horrid orange and green uniforms) They were the rudest group of 12-13 year old girls we have ever encountered. They would gather in front of the elevator doors and refuse to move when you said, “Excuse me, please.” They ding, dong, ditched all the hotel patrons. They made nasty comments to our girls every time they saw them in the halls. Where were their parents, you ask? They were just as bad.

Needless to say, we wanted to kick their butts! They were the team that beat us in the pool play. Feng Shui and Karma were very important to this game! The moms got back in their assigned seating position. No one stood up, no one walked away. There was a dime on the floor, no one was allowed to touch it. We didn’t even move our purses! We didn’t cross our legs, and we didn’t prop our feet on empty chairs. We did, however, swear we were all about to have a stroke at one point or another.

And kick their butts we did!

The moms all went out to the field to get our first winning team pictures of the season.

The girls all ran off the field in a mad dash for the restrooms. Bladders were about to explode! We did get our pictures, finally!

I think this was just the start of a great season for our group of girls!

Go Philly’s! Go Sophie #99!


  1. Yeah for the girls. I wish them a fun season.

  2. That is hilarious! You guys take superstition to a new level!

  3. How exciting! Congrats to the girls. LOL on torturing yourselves and other people's kids out of superstition! Whatever works right?!