Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jealous Much?

My supersweetandsexy boyfriend Tim and I went to see Jay Leno perform in Wilmington on Sunday night. Wilmington was one of the stops on Jay's "Comedy Stimulus Tour". This was the first chance we have had to go on an adult date in close to 2 months! We have spent every-other weekend together, centered around our kids. We always have a great time when we are all together as a family, but it was nice to spend some time one-on-one.

Tim is just so amazingly wonderful! He makes me feel all giddy...like a teenager again. We held hands as we walked through the parking lot up to the event center. As we sat and watched Jay perform, Tim had his arm around me and I continued to hold his hand. Every so often, our eyes would meet, and he would softly kiss me on the forehead. I love it when he kisses me on the forehead!

We had such a nice evening; just 2 people in love:)

Then today, when we were doing our weekly stalking of our ex's MySpace pages, we discovered this:

38 years old
Wilmington, Ohio
United States

Last Login: 5/12/2009

Christy Jay Leno was speechless during his Wilmington show when an almost middle-aged couple were going at it (XXX PDA) like a couple of horndogs!!!


First of all, let me just clarify that we are NOT almost middle-aged. And HELLO! StupidBitchExWife*-you are older than both of us!


We were HOLDING HANDS; he kissed me on the FOREHEAD...

It's a wonder no one took the garden hose to us!

*Name has been changed to be more suitible!


  1. Sounds like you had a fun time. Really a stupid post on my space. That is crazy.

  2. I'm guilty of the ex stalking as well. What a crazy bitch!

  3. Obviously nothing better to do...

    Glad you had such a nice time. That's what matters.

  4. I got to see and meet Jay last year and he is an amazingly sweet person. I don't think he cares if you were going at each other. He would probably cheer you horndogs on. ;)