Monday, May 4, 2009

Owen Has Us ALL Floored!

My kids get to drive me freakin insane and demolish the house out of school on June 9th. The kids have been through a lot of changes this year. Owen started Kindergarten, he was diagnosed with OCD and SPD, we moved into a new house, and visits with the Sperm Donor decreased (I guess decreased isn’t the correct word…we split over a year ago, and he doesn’t show much interest in being the SuperDad he always portrayed himself to be).

The one thing that has kept some stability in Owen’s life is that he didn’t have to switch schools mid-year not that our superintendent didn’t prove he suffers from “SHORT MAN SYNDROME” by trying everything he could think of to keep Owen from being open-enrolled, but I digress and have to enroll in a half-day program. This school year has gone quite well for Owen. He has a wonderful teacher, and has finally learned to make friends.

The form of discipline used in our Kindergarten class is the dreaded ‘moving your star’. Because of Owen’s OCD, he is a stickler for following rules. He doesn’t stand on the bus, he doesn’t talk in line, he doesn’t cut in line, he doesn’t trade his snacks at lunch, and he always does what the teacher tells him to do. He is the only one in his class that has gone this entire school year without being told to move his star.

Until last Wednesday, that is!

Owen came home from school Wednesday and, as always, I asked him if he had a good day. He said,

“NO! Meanie* was pushing me and hitting me and I told him to stop and he wouldn’t so I started hitting him and the music teacher saw me and she told Miss Murphy and I had to move my star! HUMPFH!”

My jaw was on the floor. I don’t know if I was more shocked the he had to move his star, or that he told me about it. I decided not to worry about it too much. I told him that next time someone hits him; he needs to tell his teacher. He promised me he would.

He lied.

On Thursday when Owen came home from school, I asked him if he had a good day. He said,

“NO! Brat Boy* was cutting me in line and I told him not to do it and he kept cutting me and pushing me so I started hitting him and Miss Murphy made me move my star and I lost 5 minutes of recess! HUMPFH!”

I told him that I hoped this was not going to be an everyday occurrence. I had to give the kid credit for telling me that he had to move his star, and why he had to do it. I emailed his teacher and told her that I hope this was just because he was getting re-adjusted from spring break---Owen does not do well with change.

The kids and I had a great weekend. Sophie’s team came in 2nd place in their softball tournament, and Owen and Ella played a very entertaining game that thank God only lasted 1 hour! of T-ball. When I took Owen to latch-key this morning, I was a little proud dumbfounded, shocked, and taken aback when his teacher asked me if I heard about what happened when Owen got off the bus.

Owen beat the crap out of a kid!

When Owen came home from school tonight, I asked him if he forgot to tell me about what happened at latch-key. He said,

Bully* keeped telling me to stand by the wall and I was and he said I wasn’t so he keeped on pushing me so I kicked him and he kicked me back so I punched him in the eye and his glasses falled on the ground! HUMPFH!”

So, I’m trying not to laugh as Owen demonstrates how he slugged this kid in the eye. Dustyn and Sophie were in total awe of him. Dustyn tells Owen to ‘give me 5’ for sticking up for himself. Normally I would not condone one of my kids using violence to solve their problems, but I think this situation is a little different. Here’s the reason: This boy, Bully*, is not Owen’s age. He is in either the 3rd or 4th grade! He is close to a foot taller than Owen! I don’t want this kid picking on my baby! Owen says this boy is mean and picks on him every day. The latch-key teacher, who also happens to be The Lunch Lady, told me that she has to remind Bully* every day that he can’t pick on the younger kids.

Except today. Maybe Bully* learned his lesson? Every person has a breaking point; I guess Owen has reached him!

*the names have been changed, obviously. who would name their kids Meanie, Brat Boy, and Bully???


  1. At least he stood up for himself.

  2. Well, having had to go through a bullying thing with our son this year, I kind of have to applaud Owen. Although I too don't condone violence, etc., sometimes that's what it takes to get it through the thick skull of a bully. Here's hoping things settle down now!

  3. My first time reading your blog. I'm glad your little guy stood up for himself...and what 3rd grader picks on a kinder!