Monday, May 25, 2009

So Much For Proving I Was Paying Attention In My Racial/Cultural Minorities Class!

Tim and I took the 4 little kids to Chuck E. Cheese and the park today. The park we went to wasn't a playground-type park, it was an arboretum. We walked around the trails and looked at the wonders of nature on this perfectly beautiful day.

After about an hour of being at the arboretum, Ella decided she was going to pee her pants if we did not find a bathroom soon. We all traipsed back to one of the buildings which housed a restroom so that Ella didn't tinkle down her leg.

We exited the building on the opposite end in which we entered. We saw a beautiful pond in front of us when we opened the doors and walked outside. Ella said,

"Are we in China?"

I thought Ella was confused because we had come out in a different area of the park. I said,

"No, Ella, we're not in China!"

Now, when I said this, I was not exactly whispering. Ella was quite a ways ahead of me, so I needed to speak louder than a normal talking level for her to hear me. No sooner had these words rolled from my tongue did I see an Asian family standing to my right.

That bright red color in my cheeks? No, that was not a sunburn. I wanted to run back into the restroom!

I can't wait to tell this one to my Racial/Cultural Minorities class!


  1. Why do things like that happen all the time?

  2. You didn't mean any harm in your response. Kids notice everything!