Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ella Is Staring In A New Television Reality Series Called: TOTAL. DRAMA. PRE-SCHOOL.

*editor's note: you must look at this picture with everything else, Ella wouldn't co-operate in her picture either! No matter what I did, the picture wouldn't rotate!

Episode 1:

“Mommy! I hate my pre-school, and I don’t want to go anymore!”
“Why don’t you want to go to pre-school anymore, Ella?”
“Because when I want to play some-ping, Arianna always bees the boss of everybody!”
“What do you want to play?”
“Grrrrr….I don’t want Arianna to be the boss!”
“So, you want to be the boss?”
“Arianna always bees the boss and I goed there FIRST!”

Episode 2:

“Mommy! Arianna’s not my best friend anymore!”
“Why not, Ella?”
“Because she bees mean to me!”
“What did she do?”
She won’t let me be the cooker in the kitchen center, and I wanted to be the cooker!”
“Ella, you have to take turns when you play.”
“I DO take turns! But I wanted to be the cooker first and she always tells me she wants to be the cooker first!

Episode 3:

“I hate pre-school!”
“Why do you hate pre-school now, Ella?”
“Because Miss Cindy makes me take a nap when I’m not even tired!”
“Why don’t you just lay there like a good little girl and watch the movie at naptime?”
“I do watch the movie! Miss Cindy always bees telling us that we have to close our eyes, and when I close my eyes I fall to sleep!”
“Ella, if you fall asleep when you close your eyes, then you are tired.”

Episode 4:

“I hate when people call me Ella-Belle!”
“That’s your nick-name. Mommy started calling you that when you were a baby.”
“Well I hate it and I want a new nick-name!”
“What do you want your new nick-name to be, Ella?”
“I choose…….Dog Biscuit!”
“Dog Biscuit?”
“Yes! My name is Ella Julianna Dog Biscuit.”
“Oooooookaaaaay then!”


  1. Too funny....

    Glad to have you back ....

  2. I wasn't expecting Dog Biscuit...I'm sure she'll reconsider. That's too funny. I'm still kind of new to the parenting thing but every time I'm around little kids I am amazed at the drama level. Lord help us all.