Sunday, July 19, 2009

You Tube Weirdness

How weird is it when you check out a roller coaster video on You Tube, and you realize that the girl in the video is your teenage daughter?

This video is of my daughter Valerie, my ex (Owen and Ella's sperm donor) and his 2 younger sisters on the Firehawk ride at King's Island in Mason, Ohio.

I wonder how many other You Tube clips of my kids are out there that I have no clue about?


  1. Now that is just plain weird.

    Oh, and in answer to your question, do you really want to know, Shellie? I am a firm believer that as a parent, sometimes ignorance really is bliss.



  2. Ooooh, that's actually kinda creepy!! Did your ex put the video on You Tube?

  3. That might freak me out a bit.

    I agree, you really might not want to know.

  4. Wow Shelli that IS weird! Now I want to go look for my kids lol

  5. Shelli you've won an award! Click here to get it :)

  6. No way! LOL. What a crazy coincidence.