Monday, August 24, 2009

Think Of Me While I'm Curled Up In A Corner In The Fetal Position On Wednesday

I am a nervous wreck. Owen starts the 1st grade on Wednesday. I will be putting him on the bus his first day. His first day at his new school in a new district; a school where he knows no one. The bus will take him the 9/10ths of a mile to school, where it will drop him off at the double doors.

This is where I start to panic.

How will he know where to go?
Will he get lost in the shuffle of all the other elementary school kids?
Will he take a wrong turn and end up in the girl’s restroom?
Will he walk up the steps and be totally lost among the 3rd and 4th graders?
Will he just stand there at the doors and cry?

If I think about it too much I get nauseous.

We went to open house tonight. This is the second time we have been in the school. We went last week for the new student orientation and we saw his new classroom. We walked in the school tonight, and Owen walked straight to his classroom.

We walked in the doors and turned right

…then we walked down the hall and turned left

…then we walked down another hall and turned right

…then we walked down another hall and turned left

…then we walked through the hallway going through all three 2nd grade classrooms

...then two 1st grade classrooms before finally coming to his classroom.

Excuse me whilst I vomit.

**wipes puke spew off chest**

I can’t even make myself feel better knowing that every other 1st grader will be new to this school too. I asked Owen if he wanted me to take him to school the first few days, and he said, “But I want to ride the bus!” And he led me to his classroom very confidently tonight.

He isn’t the least bit nervous, so why am I?


  1. it is OK to be a mess.

    He will be fine.

    And when he gets home he will grunt and say 'I dunno' a lot and then fall asleep.

    Rinse and repeat for the next 12 years.

  2. I totally understand how you feel! My daughter's 2nd day of kindergarten, she insisted on going in by herself. We lived in NC and while she was in school that day I had to drive two and a half hours to SC and back while she was in school. I was scared to death that, some how, even with the teachers posted all over the school, she wouldnt make it to class. Or worse she'd be kidnapped before she got to the door. When I got back that afternoon she was just fine and waiting where she was supposed to be for me to pick her up. I think most children are alot more capable than we give them credit for.

  3. I know I will be the same way someday. Sounds like he knows what he is doing though.

  4. He'll do great! He's spreading his little wings.

  5. Oh, I am nervous for you. I so feel your pain. As a mom, I have all the same fears. I just knew my son was going to start K and be stuck in the bathroom, locked in the stall, with his pants unbuttoned. But he was fine. And as a teacher, I can tell you we rarely lose any children. ;) And we do our best to make them feel comfortable and safe.

  6. Big step! I hope all goes very very well.

  7. Awwww, my heart goes out to you. I completely understand how you're feeling!! Don't you wish you could hide a little video camera somewhere on him so you can make sure he's okay?? Hey, that's actually not a bad idea....

  8. I'm probably going to feel the same way when my son starts school. I'm sure all will be fine though. I work at a school with a pretty complicated campus and the kids seem to be able to find their classrooms by instinct

  9. I know, it's totally scary, isn't it? I went to freshman orientation with my oldest son today...for HIGH SCHOOL!!...and he actually ditched me. Like, I couldn't find him and wandered the hallways for an hour. It all happens so fast. Good luck!! He'll be okay. At least until high school.

    I'm a new reader, by the way...but I will be back!! :)